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Zoveel zielen wachten op het juiste medium die geschikt is om hun leven en boodschap te kunnen vertalen voor hun achtergebleven geliefden. Het doel van Stichting Aegerion is om mensen te onderwijzen en begeleiden met een mediamiek talent, zodat er steeds meer mediums zijn om dit te kunnen doen.

Wij hopen op deze manier mensen bewust te maken van het leven na de dood. Wij verspreiden onze kennis van de mystieken door het onderrichten van mensen in de leer van het mediumschap, de oude religie en magie, door middel van workshops en opleidingen. 

Op deze manier willen wij een thuis basis bieden voor een ieder die geïnteresseerd is in, of beroepsmatig actief is in de leer van de mystieken, de healing, het mediumschap en het paranormale.


How to petition the Saints - An Espiritista's Perspective

Within the afro-magico-religious systems such as Santeria, Candomble, Vodou and Hoodoo many Catholic Saints are petitioned for various intentions including, healing, elevation, returning lost lovers, finding lost objects, aiding in real estate and house-selling matters, to procure good fortune, attract luck, increase financial stability whether steadily or in a hurry, ensuring a peaceful home etc.

Many of these Saints have been synchretised with various Deities including Orisha, Loa etc.
However within the tradition of Espiritismo the Saints are worked purely from a literal and Ancestral {Eggun }context, i.e. they were actual people that lived pure and miraculous lives, have now passed over into the spirit-world and can be petitioned as emissaries from God to positively affect our lives.

Each Saint corresponds with various qualities and characteristics they may help the individual to further themselves, either materially or spiritually in their lives. Various colours, numbers, herbs, flowers and offerings in general are allocated to each Saint, with the folk magico understanding that as each Saint { spirit } is invoked, an offering is given in exchange for the Saints help, thereby creating a balance between for physical and spiritual worlds.

The beauty and simplicity of Espiritsmo and what could also be termed 'Catholic Folk Magic', when petitioning the Saints, is that, unlike other afro-Caribbean traditions that can be quite labour intensive, with various religious protocols etc., Espiritsta's seek simplicity in their workings, understanding that a candle, a glass of water and a prayer can work just as effectively as any other magical, spiritual method, when it comes to creating positive influence in our lives.

In this workshop we'll discuss various simple techniques, from prayers, candle magic, prayer card talismans, creating an alter for the Saints etc. The real beauty of this work, from an espiritistas perspective, is that unlike other pagan magical systems, that are constantly at odds with the Christian Church { and for good reason } Espiritista's have learned, especially through the Afro- Caribbean context, to not only use it as a resource of power, but through a magical act in and of itself, to view especially Catholic Churches, as Temples to worship the Saints { spirit powers }. Thereby making a possible adversary into a powerful and strong allie within modern cultural and folk-magico context.

Please wear light coloured clothing { no black }

Cost 25 Euros...

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Voor inzicht in een sitiatie of bepaalde patronen in uw leven

Regressie- oplossen van een probleem uit uw jeugd of een vorig leven

Energetisch reinigen van uw woning

Handfasting ceremonie

Geboorte ceremonie

Begravenis ceremonie

Lenormand kaarten legging

Heling/lezing van een huis of ander dier


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